Corporate Clients

Corporate learning of foreign languages is the best investment in future of your company. Your company will be fully prepared to do business with the world. Corporate language training enhances employees’ loyalty to their employer and develops corporate communication. English corporate learning is also a great way to rally your workforce.




Our clients work in many different areas of business

  • Banking;
  • Insurance;
  • Finance and legal consulting;
  • Tourism, restaurant and hotel business;
  • Engineering and technical areas and many others.

We offer the following courses:

  • General courses;
  • Business courses;
  • Grammar courses;
  • Programs are specially tailored according to your company’s requirements;
  • Business training.




Type of course Price for learning teacher (Rub.)
(90 min. 2 ac.h.)
Price for learning with native speaker (Rub)
(90 min. 2 ac.h.)
General course 3 500 5 500 
Speaking course 3 500 5 500 
Business English 4 000  6 000 
English course tailored to the specialization of your company 4 000 6 000
Business trainings 4 000 6 000

*The price is shown for one training session in group of 1 - 10 learners

*additional discount of 5% for opening 3 and more groups, discount of 3% for block trainings (one group right after another), discount of 5% for joint payment of 3 and more months of learning

Why do successful companies choose corporate language learning with us?

  • All our teachers have higher education in pedagogy and linguistics with over 10 years experience
  • We guarantee the result. We always achieve your goals;
  • Specially tailored programmer to match your company needs will be designed in the shortest possible time upon your request  with 100% confidentiality of your materials;
  • Our teachers come to your office 7 days a week, 8 am to 10 pm;
  • Your personal manager is ready to answer any of your questions around the clock;
  • We specialize in corporate language training and offer our clients a flexible approach, a convenient payment system. We seek to build loyal and lasting partnerships.





Corporate Clients

MLA, from metro Semenovskaya.



  • forward 63 м
  • left 360 м, Izmaylovskiy val sr.
  • left 130 м, Izmaylovskoe sh.
  • right 510 м, prospect Budenogo
  • right 160 м
  • right 87 м
  • right 110 м

prospect Budenogo, 14

MLA, from metro Lubyanka.



  • near the subway

Maly Cherkassky per. 2


Only classes take place here. If you want to get to know us, get tested, conclude an agreement, we are waiting for you at our central MLA office, Lubyanka (5 minutes on foot m. Ploshchad Revolutsii).

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