Tel.: +7 (495) 920 77 44




MLA “Lubyanka”

Maly Cherkassky per. 2,  2nd  floor, MLA office, Moscow, Russia


MLA “Semenovskaya”

Moscow, Prospekt Budennogo, 14, 2 floor, 212




If none of our locations suit you well our teachers are happy to come to your office for corporate trainings in groups from 1 -10 learners at any location in Moscow and the Moscow region.

The interpreter support service is provided throughout Moscow and the Moscow region.

MLA, from metro Semenovskaya.



  • forward 63 м
  • left 360 м, Izmaylovskiy val sr.
  • left 130 м, Izmaylovskoe sh.
  • right 510 м, prospect Budenogo
  • right 160 м
  • right 87 м
  • right 110 м

prospect Budenogo, 14

MLA, from metro Lubyanka.



  • near the subway

Maly Cherkassky per. 2


Only classes take place here. If you want to get to know us, get tested, conclude an agreement, we are waiting for you at our central MLA office, Lubyanka (5 minutes on foot m. Ploshchad Revolutsii).

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