Intensive Language Russian Courses

Intensive teaching method gives the effect of language immersion and allows you to open memory reserves and teach communication in Russian in a short time.


Intensive Russian courses last 3-4 weeks with a load of 16-20 hours per week. Role-playing games, real-life situations, active language training with teachers - native speakers give results after several lessons: you will feel confident, able and willing to speak Russian.


Objectives of the intensive Russian course:


  • Complete a full Russian course in a short time. Grammar and lexical material is given on a practical level, which means that all the knowledge gained is immediately actively used in conversational practice.
  • Restore previously acquired knowledge and include them in active use.
  • Expand lexical inventory significantly.
  • Intensify conversational skills.
  • Fill in possible gaps in grammar knowledge.



Group programs


  • 5 days a week from Monday to Friday
  • Morning courses 09.30 - 12.45
  • Afternoon courses 13.00 - 16.40
  • Start every Monday after placement test


Price: 200 euro 20 ac. hours/week


Additional discounts: 10% for students who take 12 -24 weeks of classes and 15 % for those who take more than 24 weeks


Type of course Duration Price in groups (rub.) Price for individual classes (1 - 2 students) (rub.)
General course  Group Course (Mini Group)
- 6 ac. hours/week
5 100  upon request
Business course Group Course (Mini Group)
- 4 ac. hours/week
5 500 upon request
Corporate course  1 ac.hour from 1 750
Intensive Group Course (Mini Group)
- 20 ac. hours/week
15 000 upon request
Russian Grammar Group Course (Mini Group)
- 6 ac. hours/week
5 100 upon request
Exam preparation
(Preparation for TORFL)
Group Course (Mini Group)
- 6 ac. hours/week
5 100 upon request
Speaking Club Group Course (Mini Group)
- 4 ac. hours/week
3 500  

MLA, from metro Semenovskaya.



  • forward 63 м
  • left 360 м, Izmaylovskiy val sr.
  • left 130 м, Izmaylovskoe sh.
  • right 510 м, prospect Budenogo
  • right 160 м
  • right 87 м
  • right 110 м

prospect Budenogo, 14

MLA, from metro Lubyanka.



  • near the subway

Maly Cherkassky per. 2


Only classes take place here. If you want to get to know us, get tested, conclude an agreement, we are waiting for you at our central MLA office, Lubyanka (5 minutes on foot m. Ploshchad Revolutsii).

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