One-to-one tuition with a personal teacher of the Russian language.

The main advantage of the individual Russian language course in MLA is the teaching method. Thanks to this, you will not learn Russian as a scientific discipline (as it was at school and at the University), but as a tool of communication. In the classroom, more time is spent fixing the theory in conversational practice, as well as the formation of a conversational skill. At each lesson you will always speak a lot, even if you study spoken Russian individually from scratch. Based on your needs and goals, we will develop a training program for you. Performing simple steps 1-2-3, which the teacher gives, you are guaranteed to begin to speak and understand, as well as accurately achieve your goal.

What are individual lessons giving?

Russian is individually mastered more quickly, because the teacher is not distracted by other students. Individual lessons in Russian create the best conditions for overcoming the embarrassment that arises when you try to use a little familiar speech (there are no witnesses to possible failure).

How does a teacher approach to training?

An individual teacher will remember your victories and shortcomings. During subsequent meetings we will pay increased attention to weaknesses. It is possible to work out difficult moments just as much as is necessary to achieve the goal - fluency in the language.

Why Moscow Language Academy?

  • High-Quality Teaching
  • State License
  • Individual Approach and Authentic Materials
  • Linguistic platform of the new generation with virtual classrooms for online classes

  • Affordable Prices
  • Certificate You're Proud to Present

Interactive learning turns ordinary lessons into a captivating experience.


Type of course Duration Price in groups (rub.) Price for individual classes (1 - 2 students) (rub.)
General course  Group Course (Mini Group)
- 6 ac. hours/week
5 100  upon request
Business course Group Course (Mini Group)
- 4 ac. hours/week
5 500 upon request
Corporate course  1 ac.hour from 1 750
Intensive Group Course (Mini Group)
- 20 ac. hours/week
15 000 upon request
Russian Grammar Group Course (Mini Group)
- 6 ac. hours/week
5 100 upon request
Exam preparation
(Preparation for TORFL)
Group Course (Mini Group)
- 6 ac. hours/week
5 100 upon request
Speaking Club Group Course (Mini Group)
- 4 ac. hours/week
3 500  
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