Corporate training is one of the hallmarks of a strong company that cares about its employees. Corporate Russian language is an excellent opportunity to learn the language in a team, without interrupting the work process and according to a program that takes into account the needs of your company or each of its divisions. For the manager, it is the confidence that all employees speak Russian at the level necessary for successful work.

Depending on the goals and wishes of the client, training can be conducted in our schools and on the territory of the customer.

The program is suitable for you in following cases:

  • You want to expand your business by entering foreign markets.
  • You already cooperate with foreign partners and you need Russian-speaking employees.
  • You want your employees to communicate in Russian, take part in exhibitions, conferences, go to business trips.

It is important that the program involves the study of all the necessary staff when working with foreigners. When developing a program, the specifics of the company's business is necessarily taken into account. A distinctive feature of corporate learning of the Russian language - almost 80% of the time students will speak a foreign language, developing their skills.

Company management will always be able to track progress. Teachers, as a rule, control the attendance of classes and the results of each student.


Type of course Duration Price in groups (rub.) Price for individual classes (1 - 2 students) (rub.)
General course  Group Course (Mini Group)
- 6 ac. hours/week
5 100  upon request
Business course Group Course (Mini Group)
- 4 ac. hours/week
5 500 upon request
Corporate course  1 ac.hour from 1 750
Intensive Group Course (Mini Group)
- 20 ac. hours/week
15 000 upon request
Russian Grammar Group Course (Mini Group)
- 6 ac. hours/week
5 100 upon request
Exam preparation
(Preparation for TORFL)
Group Course (Mini Group)
- 6 ac. hours/week
5 100 upon request
Speaking Club Group Course (Mini Group)
- 4 ac. hours/week
3 500  


Group programs:

  • Flexible approach and convenient payment
  • 1-10 learners in a group
  • Schedule- available upon request

   Price: 30 euro 1 ac.hour

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