Services in Translation and Interpretation


Moscow Language Academy is happy to offer you services in written and oral translation. We translate both general and specialized texts.

We guarantee:

  • high qualifications of our professional translators and interpreters
  • full control over the process of translation/interpretation
  • meeting deadlines
  • consultations about any questions
  • high quality of translation and interpretation.


Written Translation

Common European languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish
From/into Russian from 450 rub./page
Rare European languages: Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Dutch, Greek, Czech, Slovak, Turkish, Polish
From/into Russian from 500 rub./page
CIS languages: Ukrainian, Tajik, Uzbek, Georgian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Azerbaijani, Armenian
From/into Russian 400 rub./page
Oriental languages: Japanese, Chinese, Korean
From/into Russian from 600 rub./page

Additional Services

Notary certification of translator’s signature 1 500 rub. / doc.
Technical assistance at notary certification of copies of articles of association and foundation documents 1 500 rub. / doc.
Notary certification of copies of documents 200 rub. / page
Certification of signature on foundation documents (after making amendments to them)  2 500 rub.
Translation of stamps 450 rub. / stamp
Scanning materials for translation 10 rub. / page
Document formatting from 150 rub. / page
Editing and proofreading of translation  
Apostille (3 days and more) 4 500 rub.

Timings and special terms

Standard 7-10 pages / day (one translator)
Urgent +50% translation cost
Complicated (the text contains scientific, medical and other specialized terms) +50-100% translation cost


One page means 250 words of the original text, or 1800 characters with spaces of the translation.

All prices are shown for non-urgent translation of 5-7 pages a day with the deadline on the next day.


Oral Interpretation

Consecutive interpretation* (min. 4 hours)

1 hour

3 250 rub. (common European languages)

4 750 rub. (rare languages)

8 hours (before 7 pm)

25 000 rub. (common European languages)

36 000 rub. (rare languages)

extra hours (after 7 pm)


Simultaneous interpretation* (min. 4 hours)

1 hour

 from 3 000 rub. **

8 hours (full day)

 from 21 600 rub. **

extra hours


technical support of simultaneous interpretation

20 000+ rub./day

depending on terms and configuration

* If oral interpretation is ordered on the day before the event, the order is viewed as urgent, and its price is multiplied by 1.5.

** All prices are shown for two simultaneous interpreters.


To place an order or calculate its price, contact us by phone or e-mail.


MLA, from metro Semenovskaya.



  • forward 63 м
  • left 360 м, Izmaylovskiy val sr.
  • left 130 м, Izmaylovskoe sh.
  • right 510 м, prospect Budenogo
  • right 160 м
  • right 87 м
  • right 110 м

prospect Budenogo, 14

MLA, from metro Lubyanka.



  • near the subway

Maly Cherkassky per. 2


Only classes take place here. If you want to get to know us, get tested, conclude an agreement, we are waiting for you at our central MLA office, Lubyanka (5 minutes on foot m. Ploshchad Revolutsii).

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