Oriental Languages

Oriental Languages

When we think about the East it often seems mysterious, obscure and very different from everything we are used to. Probably in Moscow Language Academy, we have found an explanation to this. Oriental languages, where hieroglyphs are used, make both brain hemispheres work equally actively: the left one, responsible for the image of the hieroglyph, and the right one, responsible for the meaning and the structure of the sentence. That’s why even if the Orient’s ancient wisdom is still somewhat of a challenge, after the very first classes your brain, which has started to work in a novel and active manner, will surely begin producing unexpected and good solutions.

We invite you to our courses of the Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Arabic languages. In Moscow Language Academy, it is quite easy to choose the programme that will both interest you and meet your needs:

  • General Language Course
  • Conversational Course
  • Business Course
  • Grammar Course
  • International Exams Preparation.

The classes can be held in one of our offices or in any other convenient place or via Skype. And you can join a small group (4-6 students) or study individually.

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