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Welcome to the Moscow Language Academy.

The reasons for enrolling with a school of foreign languages are numerous. For some, language learning represents the opportunity to meet people and make friends in foreign countries. For others it is the prospect of an improved career outlook or even the ability to read books or watch movies in their original format which provides inspiration.  

Whatever your motivation, the Moscow Language Academy is your partner on your path to proficiency in a foreign language.

Our academy offers:

  • A very wide range of foreign languages- from the mainstay languages to the more ‘exotic’
  • A wide variety of programmes, the latest teaching methods and expert teachers
  • Online individual teaching as well as instruction in small groups (of between 4 and 6 students)
  • Corporate learning- with teachers travelling out to your premises
  • Programmes for both adults and young learners
  • Special courses aimed at  building confidence in the use of a foreign language as well as overcoming language barriers (Speaking Club)
  • Competitive pricing
  • Learning materials included on your language course 


Immersion Programmes Abroad

Ongoing learning can be perfectly complimented by travelling to study a language where it is spoken. This is why; in addition to our mainstay product portfolio we offer you the opportunity to take language immersion programmes abroad.

Translation and Interpretation

Alongside the delivery of foreign language tuition, the Moscow Language Academy also provides translation and interpretation services. Our translators and interpreters are graduates of some of Russia’s finest linguistic universities and are all highly experienced and reliable professionals.


At the Moscow Language Academy we offer written translations for any of your documents or corporate materials. We also offer oral simultaneous or consecutive translation services, ideal if you are going to be attending international business meetings or conferences. Additionally, if you want your foreign business partners or friends to feel at home in Moscow, our energetic and competent escort interpreters will be happy to accompany them.

Every new student at our academy begins their studies with a free placement test which gives us a clear picture of a learner’s current language ability. When we have a clear idea of a learner’s goals and current language level our managers plan the most convenient schedule and select the right language teachers to make learning most efficient and enjoyable.

Our students’ success is our absolute priority.  Therefore, the progress of each of our students is continually monitored and support is provided throughout the learning process. 

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