European Languages

European Languages

Even fluent speakers of English often face a nasty surprise: in countries like France or Spain, people speak English badly and grudgingly or don’t speak it at all. In other words, in countries where Romance languages are spoken, English is hardly a solution for a traveller.

But on the other hand, at least one of the Romance languages is a good advantage. Actually, they have quite a lot in common, and speaking one of them will help you find your way and talk to people in other countries, too. Besides, French, Italian, and Spanish are all famous for being beautiful and melodic. Learning them can become a great way to escape from routine and spend some time in harmony and beauty.

Very different from them, but equally attractive is the German language. Unlike exciting and emotional Romance languages, German will surely appeal to someone who prefers logic. German grammar is a well-structured system where every sentence has the precise word order, and every prefix can easily change the meaning into the opposite. Don’t you have associations with mathematics? Then just imagine how much joy speaking good German can give!

In Moscow Language Academy, you can take a general course of German, French, Spanish, or Italian or choose one of the special programmes:

  • Conversational Course
  • Business Course
  • Grammar Course
  • International Exams Preparation
  • Russian Exams (‘GIA’, ‘EGE’) Preparation.

Besides, you can also select the most suitable form of teaching:

  • individual teaching
  • small groups (4-6 students)
  • corporate teaching in your company’s office
  • distance teaching via Skype.
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